Clear Sealer Thinner

Finesse Clear Sealer Thinner

Product Code: 776-805

Product Description

Finesse Clear Sealer thinner is designed to be used with Finesse Clear Sealer to improve application properties providing better penetration, adhesion, flow leveling and prevent blister and bubble formation during hot temperatures.

When recoating or re-juvenating old aged acrylic sealed concrete surfaces, it is necessary to wash down with Finesse Clear Sealer thinner prior to applying the clear sealer. This approach will improve the overall finish by softening the old aged coating to reduce the level of micro cracking caused by weathering. This micro cracking is usually referred to as the whitening effect, giving a white appearance from the high level of light refraction. Softening the old aged coating will also improve the cohesion between the new and old coating, preventing delamination between coatings.

Areas of Use

Designed to be used with Finesse Clear Sealer for applications to concrete surfaces.

Special Features

  • Prevents blister and bubble formation during hot temperatures
  • Good evaporation and dry time for same day re-coatability
  • Improves penetration and adhesion to substrates
  • Assists in good flow and leveling of coating


Add up to 15% to the Finesse Clear Sealer. Necessary in the application of the first coat to ensure good adhesion and contact with concrete substrate

Surface Preparation

Prepainted Surfaces

Ensure surface to be painted is sound (see soundness*). Remove all traces of dirt, grease, oil, mould, moss, lichen, efflorescence, and any other contaminates. Remove all flaking and peeling material.


To determine the soundness of the surface to be painted, cut a small cross in the paint film with a sharp instrument, firmly apply cello tape and sharply remove. Any evidence of the paint film adhering to the tape is indicative of an unsound surface. This process should be carried out at several locations to test the entire surface.