Highwear Additive

Product Code: 90-902

Product Description

High Wear Additive is a reactive agent and when added to single pack polyurethane will produce a finish of extreme hardness and durability. Suitable for all interior timber surfaces including floors & benchtops. Highwear additive is only suitable for use in single pack polyurethane and should not be used in any other product.


  • The contents (250ml) is sufficient for addition to 4 litres of single pack polyurethane
  • Should be added at a ratio of 65ml additive per 1 Litre of polyurethane
  • Add slowly and mix through in a metal container until a uniform colour
  • Once mixed, the combined product has a maximum pot life of 12 hours. Material remaining after 8 hours should be discarded

Method of Application

Only apply using brush, roller or lambswool applicator. Do not thin this product.

Drying (25C and 50% Relative Humidity)

  • Touch dry 4 Hours
  • Recoat 8 Hours
  • Foot traffic in 24 Hours
  • Maximum hardness in 72 Hours


Combined product – Up to 12 square metres per litre depending on such factors as application method and prevailing conditions.



View the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for information regarding Health and Safety, First Aid, and Paint Disposal Procedures.