Flat Black Acrylic

Finesse Flat Black Acrylic

Product Code: 16-500

Product Description

Finesse Flat Black is a 100% interior and exterior acrylic designed for an elegant, black, flat appearance. Has high opacity and provides an easily washable coating. It is easy to apply with no messy spatter and with minimal care will give a long lasting finish.

Special Features

  • Water based
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • No primer required on timber
  • Recoat in 2 hours
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Resists mould and fungal growth
  • Non yellowing

Areas of Use

Suitable for walls and ceilings of family rooms and bedrooms where a washable, flat appearance is desired.

Method of Application

  • Brush, roller or spray
  • Satisfactory with most equipment
  • Observe the State Spray Painting Regulations
  • Stir well before use using a broad, flat paddle in a scooping motion
  • Do not apply if temperature is below 10C or likely to fall below 10C during drying
  • Do not apply if rain is expected or in excessively hot, dry conditions


  • Approximately 16 square metres per litre
  • Two coat coverage. (Coverage will vary depending on the profile and porosity of the painted surface)


Water – Use up to 100ml per litre to aid application if necessary in hot, dry conditions.

Drying (25C and 50% Relative Humidity)

  • Dry to touch 20 Minutes
  • Recoatable after 2 Hours

Clean Up

Clean all equipment with water.

Surface Preparation

Previously Painted Surface

Remove loose or flaking paint. Remove all traces of grease, dirt, oil or smoke stains using a suitable detergent. Wash with clean water and allow to dry. Repair any cracks or surface defects with a good quality filler. Sand surface until smooth and dust off with a cloth. Glossy surfaces should be sanded to remove gloss. Patchy surfaces require a coat of Australis PerfectPrep (undercoat).

Previously painted surfaces must be sound and have good adhesion. This can be checked by cutting an “X” in the surface with a sharp blade, press a piece of clear tape over the “X” as firmly as possible with the ball of the thumb then as quickly as possible, tear off the tape in one movement. If the previous paint comes off it must be removed before repainting.

Note: Mould, fungal infected surfaces and efflorescence must be treated to eliminate the possibility of recurrence.

Unpainted Paperfaced Wallboard, Fibro, Brick or Cement Surface

Dust down surfaces and apply one coat of Australis PerfectPrep.

Unpainted Fibrous Plaster

Dust down surface and apply one coat of Australis G.P. Oil Based Undercoat or Australis Binder Sealer.


1 Ltr, 4 Ltrs.


White and a large range of colours.

View the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for information regarding Health and Safety, First Aid, and Paint Disposal Procedures.